Preparing for Sale

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“Amy Revell is Australia’s Declutter Queen and Professional Organiser. Amy is an author, podcaster, blogger and loves equipping people to find freedom through decluttering and organising their homes.

Clients often remark that her non-judgemental and sensitive approach means that instead of being embarrassed of their homes, they feel supported and inspired to make positive changes. Amy loves walking into cluttered homes and finding order and peace amongst the chaos.

If you’re planning on moving house, you’ll know the pressure to have your home beautiful for photos and sale, can be overwhelming. Amy will come alongside you to expertly help you navigate this period, helping you declutter, so both selling and moving are made significantly easier, as well as positioning your home for a profitable sale.

As well as physically decluttering with clients, the mindset and habit changes that Amy teaches about are life transformational and will change the way your home runs forever.”

Moving House eBook