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Since 2002, Peter has been enjoying the exciting world of real estate. As with most things in life it has evolved over time, and through many avenues, styles and training Peter has become well known for his excellence in his field. Highly awarded, proving time & time again, Peter has shown his abilities to adapt and keep up with the ever changing needs of real estate. Backed by an equally experienced team, Peter consistently strives to achieve excellent results for both vendor and purchaser alike.



Hi Peter and Amy, We would both like to extend our appreciation of all your hard work during the sale of our house. Having been through the process already with no sale it was refreshing and very helpful with the amount of explaining and transparency that you gave us in the selling process. It helped us to understand why things were done the way they were and what the reasoning behind them was. You certainly worked hard which was seen with the number of groups that came though the house during the campaign (double that of the previous campaign!). If not for the declining market it would have been a more exciting ending. But in working hard you sold it for what we all saw as the market value of the time. We appreciated your humour (most of the time!), your down to earth and honest attitude to selling our house. You made the process a lot less stressful than it should be. We would have no hesitation in recommending you to others looking at selling a property! Thank you and we wish you both all the best in the future. Yours sincerely Dallas and Drew

Drew & Dallas

I can't thank Peter and Amy enough for helping us to market and sell my property, they did an absolutely fantastic job throughout the sale process. Peter and Amy are both personable, upfront and at all times professional. As a full time worker I found Peter and Amy to always act in my best interests and to be flexible, easy to contact and easy to work with - key with the hours I work. I would have no hesitation to recommend Peter and Amy to anyone who is looking to sell their property.

Kwun Chung Cheung

Had a fantastic experience working with Peter and Amy Blackburn, they were easy to work with, down to earth, straight to the point and explained everything thoroughly, they stayed in contact and put more work in that we thought was possible for agents. Now matter what state the market is doing they will always aim for the best possible outcome. Both Jack and I had a fantastic time working with them!!!

Jo Farmer

We follow our instinct when we choose Peter and Amy Blackburn for our house and they indeed didnt dissapoint us and delivered an amazing results! Good teamwork, good follow up, good advise and no drama. Happy and glad that everything went well. Good job Peter and Amy! Will definetly looking forward for your help again in the future. Thanks again!

Nonnie Fang


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