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“Our goal for your selling experience is to feel from the moment you meet us that you are dealing with highly skilled and experienced professionals who have done this many times before”

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iTRAK Real Estate is the result of a group of experienced professionals, all previously from the known traditional franchised brands. These Agents understand where modern technology has taken buyer behavior and what this could mean for today’s home seller.

iTRAK is selling real estate far better and more efficiently than competitors who essentially have maintained a pre internet business model. The big winners are our Vendors ( Home Seller ) who stand to save $1000’s. Our Vendors understand the behavior of today’s buyer and avoid unnecessary selling and marketing costs still imposed on those who sell with out dated business models.

Not having multiple offices in high profile locations doesn’t mean we have less buyers introduced to your home. We will place your home on all major websites and regularly experience 50-100 genuine buyers through homes within the first 2 weeks of being on the market. Home Sellers in more than 85 Melbourne suburbs can already attest to this.

Your iTRAK Agent will take you through the process of how a well-planned and modern marketing campaign will identify emotional buyers and place them in competition to buy your home.

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Maximize Your Selling Potential!

Remove things from view, and go with a more minimalistic approach.

Follow the general rule: For each thing you bring in, two things must be removed.

Before holding an Open for Inspection, make sure you give the house a last going over. Turn on lights and ensure windows are clean on the inside and out. You’d be surprised at how much this affects the light inside the house!

So much more appealing and homely.

Open the windows up, brew some fresh coffee, burn some scented candles and brighten the place up with fresh flowers.
Make sure you eliminate any odours caused by pets or smoke!

Make sure the front of your property captures peoples attention instantly. A striking garden always gets heads turning!!! Zero weeds. Some bright pot plants. No rubbish. Clean, swept down paths and driveways are always a great start!

You would be amazed at how many people put time and effort into presenting their house at a high standard but forget to take care of the pets mess. This includes cat litter, outdoor “mines”, hair, food trays etc. Clean out all pet items leaving it smelling and looking fresh, and if possible arrange to have all roaming pets out of the property during Open and Auction times!

Choosing the right agent is an underrated and often misunderstood part of the process in selling your home. An experienced real estate agent will understand that strategy and getting the right strategy implemented is Vital to achieving a better than expected result for your home. You should expect that any agent presenting to win your business should do the following;

# Show you a report of ALL recent sales results in your area
# Give you an easy to understand strategy and explain the importance of it
# Give you an expected price range that your home could expect to receive and justify it with the recent sales report.
# Show you different options for advertising your home.

If the agent has satisfied you on these criteria and you feel comfortable working with the agent the only thing left to do is agree on a success fee.
REMEMBER: In the modern world ALL Buyers will find your home on major websites. The best agent with the best strategy at the right success fee should be the agent who sells your home, wherever that person is from.

Generating a Great Result

Generating the best result doesn’t just happen.
The skill of selling your home has changed, the power of the internet has given buyers a complete and full range of choices that has entirely changed the way a good marketing campaign is conducted. Where 20 years ago in the pre-internet era estate agents would drag a buyer to your home we now have to “attract” buyers to your home. No longer will a buyer allow themselves to walk through your front door without seeing it first on the internet.

This requires experience and an understanding of what attracts a buyer to your home. Yes professional photography and great presentation is essential however they are just the beginning , what’s most important is how a quality real estate agent explains to their vendor just how we identify a handful of emotionally connected buyers and place them in competition to establish the very best price for your home. When the agent and their home seller truly work together, amazing results will happen!

The iTRAK Guarantee

As your agent we guarantee to…

  • Provide you with a report of all recent recorded sales in your suburb
  • Offer pre-sale expertise with regard to preparing your home for sale
  • Outline a clear and understandable strategy to have buyers compete for your home
  • Discuss all commission and marketing options BEFORE you sign
  • Send a weekly market report
  • Always work with you in your best interests to obtain you the Premium result.

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