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Landlord Information

Why choose iTRAK?

The Agent you choose to manage your property is a big decision; you need to make sure you are comfortable with the Agent you are hiring.

We are a progressive Agency using the latest technologies at our disposal to ensure quick servicing.

Our systems allow our clients direct access to see information about their Asset in their own time; such as rental payments, asset protection inspections as well as keeping you up to date on maintenance.  Electronic systems allow us to send reports from our 6 monthly Asset Protection Inspections to our clients immediately; and allow you to sign leases and contracts in the comfort of your own home without the need to make an appointment, or to go to a post office.

iTRAK real estate can offer a boutique service as we maintain smaller portfolios in order to better service our clients; allowing us to better tailor to our clients’ needs; we have structured our department to ensure that only one person will handle your property for the entire process.

At iTRAK, your investment is safe in our hands.


Preparing your home for Rent

First impressions can make a large impact to prospective Tenants; presenting your home well can attract better clients for your investment.


  • Ensure that the property is clean, neat and tidy for inspection. A neat home will lease faster than a dirty home.
  • Maintaining the garden will make an immediate impact and will ensure that the property is not dismissed before they make it to the front door.
  • Ensure that all repairs are attended to; this will assist in the presentation as well as saving time later when the property is occupied
  • Be aware that a fresh coat of paint is easier to keep clean throughout a tenancy. Should you consider painting, please keep the colours neutral.
  • Steam cleaning the Carpets will ensure they are cleaned at the end of tenancy.
  • Air Conditioning will be an advantage if being leased in the Summer
  • Supplying storage when there is not much will assist in appealing to Tenants.


We strongly recommend that you take out Landlord Insurance, Building Insurance (with limited contents, to cover carpets, curtains, fixtures and fittings) & engage a Smoke Alarm maintenance company to ensure that you are meeting legal requirements if an unfortunate event were to occur. We can discuss these matters with you and help you to find someone to best represent you.


Advertising your Property

Getting people through the door is the first step to leasing your property.

We allow you to choose from several marketing options ranging from budget to premium options.

  • Internet advertising on all major websites including:;;; &
  • For Lease boards
  • Professional Photography
  • Professional Videography
  • Social Media

Selecting your new Tenant

We thoroughly vet and check all applications on your property to ensure that prospective Tenants will be a perfect fit. We will put forward all applications to ensure you make a decision you are happy with; before sitting down the successful Tenants to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities.

Documenting your Property

We will handle all of the legal and necessary paperwork on your behalf, including:

  • REIV approved Lease agreements, which are tailored to your asset and now issued electronically for your convenience
  • Securing a bond with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority
  • A detailed Asset Condition Report, complete with photos, in the days prior to the occupation of the property. A copy will be supplied to the new Tenant to cross check, notate then return signed for the file. At the end of the lease, this report will be used to conduct the final inspection.
  • Advising the relevant authorities of the new occupant
  • Supplying a copy of the Consumer Affairs booklet “Renting a Home” to both the Investor and Tenant
  • We will also conduct an Asset Protection Inspection of the property every 6 months and will supply you with a report which will include photos of any items of note. Should you wish to attend these inspections, simply advise us and we will make the necessary arrangements.
  • Upon request, we are able to take care of payments for your Council Rates, Water Rates, Insurance Payments, Body Corporate Levies and other related invoices on your behalf.
  • We will supply you with a Statement at the end of each Financial Year for your tax records

Our office is constantly upgrading with the new technologies; we are conducting all inspections on tablets & mobile devices, allowing us to send reports to you directly from your asset.  Our Managing Authorities and Lease Agreements are also now Secure Electronic Documents allowing the ability to sign these documents in your own time from your own home or your workplace without the need to arrange an appointment

Maintaining your home

We handle all maintenance and repairs on your property as per your instructions. We have a number of qualified tradespeople who we can arrange to attend to any matter; or arrange repairs with someone of your choosing. We will advise you if a matter is urgent and how to act accordingly. Under legal guidelines, should we be unable to contact you in the event of an Urgent repair, we can undertake repairs up to $1,800.

Continuing your lease

Knowing whether to continue or discontinue a lease is vital. Has your situation changed? Does the Tenant deserve the option to stay?

As the lease expiration date nears, we will be in contact with you to discuss your plans for the future; at this point we will also discuss your options to review the rental amount; or should you require the property vacant, we will also be able to discuss the options available to you as set out by the Residential Tenancies Act.

When your Tenant vacates

When your Tenant plans to vacate we will be in communication to ensure that the property is returned in the same condition as the initial Asset Condition Report. We will arrange a pre-vacate meeting to help the tenant to arrange any necessary repairs, cleaners and assist them in any way that they need. After they have vacated, we will arrange a Final Viewing and begin the process of returning the bond once you are happy with the condition.

Resolving Disputes

Should a dispute arise at any point in the Tenancy, we will endeavour to negotiate an outcome that is satisfactory to both yourself and the Tenant; should this not be possible, we will begin proceedings to Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal for mediation.

We will attend these matters on your behalf and keep you informed at each step.


We are proud of our business and our vision. We aim to keep a boutique service for our clients to ensure the best service possible. We are able to offer a flexible Professional Service at a competitive rate.

We are privileged to manage your home and we want you to be proud to call us your Agent.

Quality Service is time! How much time does your Property Manager have for you?