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Now is the best time to sell – talk to iTRAK

Now is the best time to sell – talk to iTRAK

Posted by becbrannigan in in on 12 October, 2016

The Melbourne property market has never been stronger and spring is when people come out of hibernation. The wet weather, eventually, fades away to sunny Saturday mornings. There is that time when kids’ football and netball ends, and cricket and tennis begins. With the new season, comes a renewed desire to buy something new, something like, a home, perhaps.

When looking at the real estate market, you always need to consider supply and demand. In simple economics, this is what determines how much a product will sell for. If there is more supply than demand, then prices fall. Conversely, if demand outstrips supply, then prices will rise with the competition.

Right now, at the start of spring, there is a very high demand from people wanting to buy houses. And with the supply limited, this means the market is well in favour of the Seller.

Could that be you?orange flowers

How does your house look in spring? Do you have a bunch of trees which bloom now? Is there a great swathe of sunlight warming your house now that the skies are blue again? How does your neighbourhood look with all the new growth? If you gave your house a good spring clean inside and out, how great is it going to look to the 50 plus buyers keen to walk through your open house this weekend?

50? You read correctly. With the power of internet marketing 5o buyer inspections is a minimum expectation for a well presented, attractively marketed home in just the first week.Poorly presented and badly marketed homes are simply passed over by keen buyers who are well researched and ready to buy.

If you’re ready to sell call us at iTRAK on 1300 301 223 and discover how we can generate major competition for your home and save you thousands thanks to our business model.