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The Modern Era of Real Estate Has Arrived

Posted by becbrannigan in in on 9 September, 2016

15 years ago there was only one way to get the best price for your home. You had to research agents in your area, find out who attracted the most buyer enquiries, and then engage that agent to sell your home.

Agencies whose offices were not in high profile shopping strips received fewer buyer enquiries. This mean less chance at a good price for the seller’s home.

But now, the internet has changed all of this. Buyers no longer need to walk through shopping malls and strips, looking in windows for a house. They no longer need a Real Estate Agent to help them find a home. They can find all of the homes they want online, at any time of the day that they want.

This doesn’t mean Real Estate Agents are obsolete. They are now required to create a sense of competition for the house in question, be it through auction or a private sale, for those people who have made an emotional connection to it.

What this does is cross a modern sales structure with an antiquated advertising campaign which often costs a lot of money for very little return on investment. And really, all that money you are spending on advertising YOUR house, is really you just spending money so that the real estate agency can market itself. What your money also buys, is expensive office space.

iTRAK real estate was born from many experienced and successful agents who wanted to give vendors great service, but without all the costs associated with expensive advertising, office upkeep, and all the financial waste seen in the industry.  iTRAK real estate is good at what it does, having sold homes in over 85 Melbourne suburbs in just over 3 years with an Auction clearance rate almost 20% above the Melbourne average in this time span is testament to this.

Here is a secret- buyers don’t care which Real Estate Agency sells the home. All they want is the right home in their preferred location. Buyers are looking at the HOME, not who is selling it. Once they are attracted to a great home online, they want to see it, fall in love and buy it.

For Home Sellers this means, think twice before selling your home with anyone else before you speak with iTRAK real estate. There is no better service and greater value than iTRAK real estate.

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