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“Our goal for your selling experience is to feel from the moment you meet us that you are dealing with highly skilled and experienced professionals who have done this many times before”

iTRAK Real Estate is the result of a group of experienced professionals banning together who have understood where technology has taken buyer and selling behaviour and what it means for today’s home seller. Our business model takes away the unnecessary costs still burdened on home sellers from company’s who have still maintained the same business model they had in the pre internet era. Buyers don’t walk inside an office and seek help anymore, not because a real estate agent isn’t required to get a home seller a better price but because buyers don’t need agents to help them find properties they like.

In recognising this we understand we can keep our overheads low by not having an office in a high profile high cost locations and pass the savings onto our home seller.

Not having multiple offices in high profile locations doesn’t mean we have less buyers introduced to your home. We will place your home on all major websites and attract the most amount of genuine buyer interest. Home Sellers in more than 70 Melbourne suburbs can already attest to this.

Your iTRAK Agent will take you through the process of how a well-planned and professional marketing campaign will identify emotional buyers and place them in competition to buy your home.