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“As a buyer or interested person in any of our homes you can expect professional curtesy and assistance from all our staff. Although we are always working for and in the best interest of our home sellers we want your buying experience to be one that will convince you to be a client of ours for life”

Buyer Tips

The greatest tip for any buyer is HOMEWORK Homework and more homework. First establish where it is you wish to buy and secondly use the tools available to you to find out what homes are selling for in the area you wish to buy. It’s so easy in the modern world to find this out, websites such as and domain have sold sections and will the display the home, address and sale price. Knowing this before you attend auctions or speak to agents will be of great benefit.
Have a great understanding of your finance situation. Speak with a broker well before you start to make offers or attend auctions. Buyers who can make offers without being subject to finance (ie they are certain they will get it) have a huge advantage. Home sellers will often accept less for the certainty of a sale.
Once you’ve spoken to your broker and are confident you can afford what you want in the chosen location you are well on the way to buying the home of your dreams. Good luck and call any of our agents anytime if we can help or advise.

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