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iTRAK……Is moving you with the times

iTRAK was born from a need to offer Home Sellers a far more relevant service; one that is in line with modern technology and provides the most efficient way to sell your home. This efficiency stems from our understanding of modern buyer behaviour which translates into a business model that keeps overheads and costs low.

The internet has been the most powerful change to the real estate industry in 15 years; by changing the way buyers search for properties. It also has resulted in a massive change to just how much competition Home Sellers can attract. Using a smart and professional sales strategy; a well presented home can generate upwards of 100 Buyer inspections in the first two weeks.

Founding Director David Stewart has established a team of like-minded and experienced Agents; who can offer Home Sellers professional guidance and strategies to generate a Premium Price and save money. iTRAK is proud of the difference we are already making for so many Home Sellers; having already sold homes in over 80 Melbourne suburbs. We look forward to speaking to you soon; about selling your home or renting out your investment property.

Our Mission Statement

iTRAK Real Estate aims…

  • To market and sell our vendors homes in a manner that an efficient, well-structured modern Real Estate company should!
  • To eradicate the completely unnecessary overheads and selling strategies of the pre internet era, and offer the latest technology and advanced marketing strategies to our vendors.
  • To commit to having your home sold with maximum buyer competition in the shortest possible timeframe for the PREMIUM PRICE you deserve.
  • To offer our home sellers an OUTSTANDING service from industry experts who have the experience and knowhow to handle the toughest negotiation scenarios in a manner that always keeps the negotiating advantage with our vendor.